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Buying a Kilt

Welsh, Irish or Cornish?

We are authorised agents for Kilts (cilts) and regalia from

The Wales Tartan Centre

A kilt made for you will last a lifetime and can be worn many, many times over the years - it's not just a once only outfit.

Your own kilt is one of the best investments you can bequeath to future generations.

Before you go ahead with buying a kilt, there are number of things you need to take into consideration. To help you make the right decision, we have set out here some basic but very important points that The House of Tartan can guide you through:

  • Which Tartan?

  • What is my budget?

  • 8 yards or 5 yards?

  • Medium Weight or Heavy Weight (lightweight is for ladies!)?

  • Pleating options - to the sett, to the stripe?

  • Dressing and care instructions

  • Accessories

  • Payment plans available

Which Tartan?

Although there are thousands of tartans registered with the World Register of Tartans, there are only a limited number of these being milled regularly.  These are classed as “off the shelf” tartans and are woven by the larger mills in Scotland.

If your tartan is not one of these, then it may only be available as a woven to order material.  This weaving is done by an artisan mill and normally takes around 12 weeks.

Swatches of tartans from Lochcaron, The House of Edgar, Strathmore and Marton Mills are held at the shop here, so no need to rely on guesswork looking at the colour on a screen!

If we are unable to establish immediately what your family’s tartan is, then we have a direct line to the Director of the Scottish Tartans Authority, who will answer more obscure questions and offer advice where necessary.

Not too keen on your own family tartan?  There are also Scottish District tartans amd a number of newly developed fashion tartans available as alternatives.

16th Battalion