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Don the Kilt

Finding reasons to wear a kilt is easy

Every October, The House of Tartan will take part in the biggest event on Perth’s Scottish calendar, The Armadale Highland gathering.

Armadale council play host to pipe band competitions, medieval fights, Highland dancing, Heavy games events, free activities for the kids, live performances and even a 2.5 kilometre fun run in kilts, called the Perth kilt run. There is so much going on within an 8 hour day, showcasing Highland cattle and scotty dogs plus you can talk with attending Clan & society representatives about historical questions you may have. Many stall holders, like the House of Tartan, bring their wares for sale. The tavern showcases local Scottish brewing talent and foods unique to Scotland are very tempting. The thing that I love most, is to see people wearing some form of tartan, whether it’s a kilt, sash or a tartan cap. Everyone finds the space in their heart, for connecting to their heritage, at the event.

The Armadale Highland gathering should be on your calendar every year because it’s always changing and growing.

The House of Tartan hope to see you this year, so come up to our tent and have a look around. I’m sure you’ll find something of interest for yourself and the kids.

Greg McAdam